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The faster, easier, less expensive way to book your road test

Taking a road test is stressful, and we want to help you get through it quicker, with less hassle and at a lower cost. That’s why we created an automated 24/7 service to find the the nearest cancellation date for your road test.
We are not affiliated with either the Ministry of Transportation or the DriveTest centres. Their booking system can’t provide preferential service to customers who need their licence faster.
Our service gives you an edge over the thousands of others looking to book a convenient road test, and we do it at a reasonable price with the guarantee that you only pay if you get the booking you requested. Otherwise you get 100% refund.

How it works?

Once you submit your request and make a payment, our fast, automated system begins searching on your behalf. When we find an appointment that fits your criteria, we book it instantly. It’s the fastest way to book a road test the moment an opening becomes available.
If we can’t find the booking you requested, it’s because that appointment simply wasn’t available.
All requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis. If another customer requested the same location and time period even a minute before you submitted your request, you’ll be second in line.
When we’ve successfully booked your road test, you’ll be notified of the new appointment via email.
If we are unable to find a date and time you requested at your preferred location(s), you’ll be notified free of charge. There is no fee whatsoever unless we find your ideal road test booking.

If you change your mind

Should your plans change, simply email us as soon as possible and we’ll cancel your order with no charge. If your requested appointment has already been booked, we can’t offer a refund.