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Senior Licence Renewals

Seniors’ licence renewal procedures differ depending on whether they are non-commercial (Class G or M) or commercial (Class A, B, C, D, E or F). Licenced drivers aged 80 and up must meet special renewal requirements to guarantee their safety and the safety of others on the road. At Book Driving Test, we offer specialised services to help senior citizens renew their driver’s licences and book driving tests efficiently and conveniently. Our team is committed to assisting seniors in maintaining their independence and ensuring they meet the qualifications to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Class G or M Seniors License Renewals

In your 80s, you will receive a notice for your first-ever licence renewal session. This notice is sent if the Ministry of Transportation knows where you live. This session is required, even if you’ve been a good driver. It happens regularly in different places across Ontario and includes reviewing road rules and taking short tests.
(Note: If you are 70 or older and had a car accident, you might get a notice with instructions. You’ll have 60 days to complete any required tests.)
The Ministry of Transportation (MTO), ServiceOntario, DriveTest, and Book Driving Test teams work together for senior driver’s licence renewals. Each team has a specific job in the renewal process. Book Driving Test help by scheduling test dates for you. Other departments will help as suggested by an MTO counsellor at your renewal session. After you turn 80, you will have to do this process every two years.
Note: If you are a senior driver and won’t be in Ontario when your licence expires, you can only renew it in the province. To avoid issues, consider renewing your licence up to 180 days before it expires. You can get a temporary driver’s licence if you are already out of the province when it’s time to renew.

Resources for Class G or M Senior Drivers

The MTO (Ministry of Transportation) has put together some helpful documents, The Official Driver’s Handbook and The Official Motorcycle Handbook, for seniors who need to renew their driver’s licence:
  • Senior Drivers in Ontario: This page provides information specifically for senior drivers in Ontario.
  • Renewing a Licence Outside of Ontario: This document will guide you through the process if you need to renew your licence outside of Ontario.

Class G or M Seniors License Renewal Process

Renewing your driver’s licence involves a few simple steps:
  1. 90 days before your licence expires, you will get a renewal application form and a letter in the mail explaining the process.
  2. Watch a short educational video for senior drivers before attending the renewal session.
  3. Once you receive your renewal application and letter, you must schedule a Senior Driver Group Education session appointment.
  4. When you attend the session, get your temporary driver’s licence, the renewal application, eyeglasses or contact lenses for driving and reading, and any hearing aids you use.
  5. During the session, you will have the opportunity to watch the educational video if you haven’t already. You will also complete a vision assessment and a brief in-class exercise.
  6. Depending on your performance in the in-class exercises and your driving record, you might need to:
    • Renew your driver’s licence by paying a $36 renewal fee.
    • Pass a road test.
    • Provide medical information from your doctor.
    • Submit additional vision information from a doctor or optometrist.
  7. You will be notified by mail if additional medical information is required. A counsellor at the session will guide you on the next steps, which may include seeing your physician, taking a road test, or other actions if needed.
  8. After completing the renewal requirements, you can renew your licence online. If your licence has already expired, you may need to bring original identification showing your legal name and date of birth.
Renewing your senior driver’s licence is straightforward, and our team is here to assist you at every step.

Commercial Senior Drivers License Renewal

If you are a senior with a commercial driver’s licence, you can renew it at a Drive Test Centre or visit the Service Ontario office if no tests are needed. You don’t have to go to renewal sessions.

Commercial Seniors License Renewals Requirements

Renewal criteria for senior commercial drivers are determined by the driver’s age, licence type, and driving record.

Senior Drivers between Age 65 to 79

Here are the simplified and concise renewal requirements for senior drivers:
  • Pass the Knowledge Test approximately every five years.
  • For renewals with a (Z) endorsement, seniors must complete an online air brake learning module.
  • Seniors must pass a medical examination every year, including a vision test.
  •  Those with a Class D licence under 80 pass a knowledge and vision test every five years during licence renewal.
  • Seniors over 80 must complete an annual knowledge, vision, and road test.
  • Senior commercial drivers may need immediate testing if they are in an at-fault collision with a moving violation conviction or accumulate more than two demerit points with a moving violation conviction.

Senior Drivers Age 80 and Over

  • If you are 80 or older, you must pass vision, knowledge, and road tests yearly.
  • For seniors renewing a driver’s licence with a (Z) endorsement after turning 80, an annual online learning module and practical test are required.
  • Each year, you must pass a medical examination report, including a vision test.
  • Senior commercial drivers may need immediate testing if they are at fault in an accident with a moving violation conviction or if they have more than two demerit points and a moving violation conviction.

Commercial Seniors License Renewal Process

The process of a commercial senior driver’s licence is the same as the other senior driver’s licence. Commercial renewal steps vary based on your renewal cycle, age, and driving record.