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Licence Info Changes

In Ontario, your driver’s licence is more than just a card; it’s a critical piece of identification that allows you to navigate the roads safely and legally. To ensure that your driving experience is hassle-free and fully compliant with the law, keeping your licence information current is crucial. Whether you have moved, changed your name, or need to update other personal details, this page provides essential information on how to make these necessary changes to your licence.

Keeping Your Current Driver’s License

To maintain the validity of your current driver’s licence, there are primarily two types of changes you can make:
  • Updating Personal Information by changing your name, address, height, and other personal details.
  • Modifying Licence Class or Conditions, such as adding endorsements for air brakes or updating the details to align with the type of vehicle(s) you are currently operating.
The process for making these changes may vary based on the nature of the adjustment. You can conveniently update your records through one of the following methods:
  • Utilise user-friendly online services for hassle-free updates.
  • Visit a nearby office for in-person assistance with your changes.
  • The test centre is the place to go if your changes also require testing or endorsements related to driving skills or vehicle class.
Whichever method you choose, ensuring your driver’s licence remains current is essential for your safety, legal compliance, and a smooth driving experience.

Changing Personal Information

  • You can change your address online or in person if you need to.
  • If you want to change your name, date of birth, sex, or height, you must go to a ServiceOntario office and bring your driver’s licence and original supporting documents.
  • You must visit a ServiceOntario office in person to get a driver’s licence card with an X in the gender. There are no supporting documents required.

Changing Driver’s License Class and Condition

Should you decide to switch the vehicle you operate, it might be necessary to update your licence accordingly. Depending on the nature of this change, you could be required to undergo additional testing.

Changing of Commercial Drivers’ Licensees

When operating a vehicle professionally, it is imperative to possess a driver’s licence that corresponds to your vehicle type. The only exception to this rule is during the learning phase, provided you are accompanied by an experienced driver with a valid licence in the required class.
If, however, you intend to operate a vehicle independently, even if it’s just a one-time occurrence, a change in class and licence conditions is mandatory. Here are some examples of situations that necessitate such changes:
  • Add a Z endorsement to your licence to operate a truck or bus with air brakes.
  • Switching from Class F to Class C may be required when driving a larger bus capable of carrying an increased number of passengers.
  • Suppose you plan to drive a school-purpose bus after working for a commercial carrier. In that case, you must undergo additional testing and obtain a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters (CRJM) Check or its equivalent.
Please refer to the specific class requirements for more comprehensive information about the criteria associated with various licence classes.

Changing of Class G or M Drivers’ Licensees

Most alterations in licence class and conditions primarily pertain to professional drivers. Nevertheless, there are certain considerations even for Class G and Class M licence. For instance:
  • If you upgrade from an M1 or G1 licence to an M2 or G2, and ultimately to a full Class G or Class M licence, each transition necessitates visiting a DriveTest Centre.
  • Additional testing is mandatory if you hold a moped licence (Class M, with an L condition) and aspire to switch to a motorcycle licence (Class M, with no conditions).
  • Suppose you are licensed to operate a three-wheeled motorcycle (Class M, with condition 1) and plan to transition to a standard motorcycle licence (Class M, without conditions). In that case, you must complete another road test.