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If you’re an owner or operator of a business that involves buses or trucks in Ontario, it is essential to ensure the safety and compliance of your commercial vehicles. To do this, you need an Ontario Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) certificate. The CVOR certificate is a crucial part of maintaining safety standards and regulatory compliance in the commercial transportation industry.
To obtain your CVOR certificate, you must complete the New Entrant Education and Evaluation Program (NEEEP) test. This test is designed to ensure that you know the regulations and requirements for operating commercial vehicles safely on Ontario’s roads. The NEEEP test is a vital step in obtaining your CVOR certificate and ensuring the safety of your business operations.

What is the NEEEP Test?

The New Entrant Education and Evaluation Program (NEEEP) test is a mandatory examination that covers key topics related to the safe operation of commercial vehicles. This test is intended for new entrants to the commercial transportation industry and is an essential requirement for obtaining a CVOR certificate.

Testing for Truck and Bus Fleet Owners/Operators

Just like commercial drivers, owners and operators of truck or bus fleets must possess a deep understanding of vehicle maintenance practices and the relevant laws governing the safe operation of transport and carrier vehicles on Ontario’s roads.
The NEEEP test, created by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. To prepare for this test, you can use the Commercial Vehicle Operators’ Safety Manual, an invaluable study guide. You have the flexibility to take the test in either English or French. You can choose between a computerised test or a paper-based test at the centre.

Test Requirements For NEEEP/CVOR

When you visit a test centre for the NEEEP/CVOR test, please ensure that you:
  • Present your valid driver’s licence for photo identification. If you do not possess a driver’s licence, alternative photo identification options include a passport, Ontario photo card, and Certificate of Indian Status card.
  • Complete the test on the same day you pay the fee.
  • Bring your original CVOR application confirmation letter, sent by MTO through the mail. Faxes and photocopies of this letter are not acceptable.
  • Take the test within six months of receiving your CVOR application confirmation letter, which includes a due date. If this date has passed, you will not be able to write the test, and you must contact MTO’s Carrier Sanctions and Investigation Office.

Following The NEEEP/CVOR Test

Individuals must achieve a minimum score of 80% to pass. Upon completing the NEEEP/CVOR test, a representative will assess your performance.
  • You can attempt the NEEEP/CVOR test as many times as necessary. However, additional attempts will need extra charges, and the test must be completed within the due date indicated on the application confirmation letter.
  • Once you pass the NEEEP/CVOR test, a representative will transmit the results to the MTO, which will then issue a CVOR certificate as applicable to your fleet operations.