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At Book Driving Test, we are dedicated to making booking your driving test as smooth as possible. To facilitate this, all documents associated with your driver’s licence application must be in English or French unless otherwise specified.

Why Language Matters?

Clear and accurate communication is vital in the process of obtaining your driver’s licence. It ensures that you fully understand the requirements, regulations, and procedures involved, enhancing road safety for you and everyone else. Therefore, it is essential to have all your documents in one of Canada’s official languages:
  • English
  • French

Translations For Written Knowledge And Road Test

At Book Driving Test, we are committed to providing booking services for all driver tests in Canada’s official languages. We understand the importance of clear communication during driver testing to ensure safety and compliance.

Written Knowledge Tests

Language Options

  • Computerised written knowledge tests are available in up to 28 languages depending on licence class. These tests come with full audio support and are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Paper-based Class G1 knowledge tests are available in 20 languages, while all other paper tests are available in English or French only.

Interpreter Assistance

If you require an interpreter for your knowledge test, you can schedule a verbal test. There is no additional fee for a verbal knowledge test, but you are responsible for the expenses associated with your interpreter.

Interpreter Qualifications

  • In the north and southwest regions of Ontario, approved interpreters must be a member of a professional association that provides interpreter services, or be experienced interpreters who are clergy members.
  • In the central, Greater Toronto Area, and eastern regions of Ontario, approved interpreters must be members of a provincial association that provides accreditation or certification or be accredited by a provincial or federal government. Interpreters must provide proof of qualification.

Road Tests

Language Options

Road tests are conducted in English or French only. Interpreters, driving instructors, or other passengers are not allowed in the vehicle during a road test. Driver examiners will use hand signals and basic driving terms to direct you during the test.

Sign-Language Interpreters

People who are deaf may use sign-language interpreters for knowledge and road tests. To use sign language support, you must make an appointment for a knowledge test and obtain prior approval for a road test.

Translations for Required Documentation

When presenting required documentation, they must be in English or French. If your documents are not in one of these languages, you must have them translated by an MTO-approved translator. Translators approved by the MTO include non-Canadian embassies, consulates, or high commissioner’s offices worldwide. However, MTO has yet to approve other translators from the country where the licence or document was issued.
You are required to bring the original documents. The translation may be returned to you, but any original abstracts and authenticity letters presented will not.

MTO-Approved Translators

Translators must be employed in translation services, be a member of a professional association that provides interpreter and translation services, or be experienced translators who are clergy members.
At Book Driving Test, we assist you in booking the driver testing and may be able to connect you with the best translator.